Environmental Class Actions in Canada

André Durocher

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Environmental Class Actions in Canada strengthens your research with fresh insight into the high-profile issues in environmental class actions

André Durocher’s key new work Environmental Class Actions in Canada provides exclusive and authoritative coverage of prominent environmental litigation. Environmental issues are subject to intense scrutiny by the news media and come with high reputational risk to businesses and government entities.

Mr. Durocher, a leading practitioner in class action litigation and environmental law, approaches this complex field by reviewing the foundation of class action law in Canada and discussing its specific application to environmental issues.

Class action litigation is thoroughly explored, including how it works, the specific stages of such an action, and what every stage requires. The author also examines how environmental class actions have succeeded or failed and why. He analyzes the specific risks associated with this type of litigation, including key issues that can lead to legal liability.

This comprehensive new work will provide you with a complete exposé of relevant issues, such as:

  • How to handle specific contamination issues
  • How procedural aspects of environmental class actions impact time and budgets
  • The most common issues likely to be certified, including punitive and compensatory damages
  • When to move from a defensive mode to a settlement mode
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Environmental Law


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