Executive Liability and the Law, Second Edition

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Executive Liability and the Law, Second Edition represents a new perspective on a topic that is of significance and relevance in the world of employment, corporate, and commercial law. This comprehensive publication provides the reader not only all the relevant legislative provisions and case law in each subject area, these same provisions and case law are explained in the context of a theoretical framework that attempts to make sense of the various disparate strands of jurisprudential viewpoints that perplex practitioners and professors alike. This text goes beyond a mere summary of the law as it explains why the law is the way it is and where it is likely to go.

The publication is designed to be the perfect resource for directors, officers, and senior managers of corporations who seek that guidance, answering such questions as:

  • Under what circumstances can I be sued personally for entering into contracts on behalf of the corporation, and what can I do to protect myself
  • Am I liable for participating in my employer's breach of its competitor's patent or trade-mark rights
  • What kind of participation will get me into trouble
  • If the company's finances are in trouble, what exposure do I have to the government for the corporation's obligations to the government and the corporation's various stakeholders
  • Will I get in trouble for everything I say on my company's behalf
  • Does approval of the board of directors protect me from liability for those acts I perform on behalf of the corporation
  • As a board member should I be approving resolutions that sanction dubious transactions without personal counsel
  • Am I personally responsible for any allegations of wrongdoing that my company may participate in the course of dealing with an insurance claim or a client of the firm
  • What should I be concerned about when I leave my employment and either start up a competing company or go to work for one

What's new in the second edition:

A comprehensive analysis of the following issues:

  • Executive liability for negligent corporate investigations
  • Participation and negligent misrepresentation
  • Piercing the corporate veil at the executive's request
  • Who is a director
  • The statutory oppression remedy
  • Duty of care and good faith to creditors
  • Executive liability for human rights violations
  • Executive liability for workers' safety
  • Executive liability under franchise legislation
  • Fraudulent conveyances, assignments, and preferences
  • Criminal and civil fraud
  • The identification doctrine
  • Aiding and abetting outside the Criminal Code
  • How does alleging a conspiracy help


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