Fiduciary Duties: Obligations of Loyalty and Faithfulness (Print + ProView online)

Michael Ng

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Here's your one-stop source for a clear and complete understanding of the principles of Canadian fiduciary law. It is organized around the general principles of fiduciary law providing a full analysis of when fiduciary duties will arise, and what kinds of duties will apply in specific contexts. Integrating relevant cases with thorough commentary, you'll be able to:

  • Grasp the nature of the duty of faithfulness
  • Discover established classes of relationships in which fiduciary duties arise, such as doctor/patient, solicitor/client and parent/child
  • Deal with recent changes and prepare for new developments in the law
  • Proactively identify potential fiduciary relationships and attendant duties
  • Understand the various standards of faithfulness and loyalty which the courts have imposed
  • Use the remedies available to rights-holders in the event of disloyal or unfaithful misconduct

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