Financial Principles of Family Law (Print & ProView)

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"Financial Principles of Family Law is impressive in both its scope and its depth. Valuation concepts, approaches, and methods are explained in simple language and are illustrated by reference to recent cases. This text will surely become an indispensable resource for family law practitioners."
Lorne H. Wolfson Torkin Manes Cohen & Arbus, Toronto

It is the only reference-of-its-kind to incorporate all of the financial aspects of marital dissolution. It includes valuation, taxation, Federal Child Support Guidelines, income determination, and case law analysis, all in one place.

This comprehensive, easy-to-use reference also includes:

  • A detailed analysis of valuation concepts, terminology, and methodologies for the valuation of business interests and other types of assets and liabilities, balanced with relevant case law analysis giving you the tools to prepare for the examination for discovery and cross-examination of other experts
  • How to calculate income under the Federal Child Support Guidelines
  • An entire section devoted to practical issues, including disclosure requirements, structuring and financing the equalization payment, and domestic contract provisions relating to the value
  • A comprehensive section devoted to the taxation aspects of family law
  • A new chapter on the role of an independent expert
  • All the latest developments in the law relevant to valuation, child support, and taxation
  • Over 1,000 cited cases
  • Words and phrases
  • Legislatively defined terms

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