Forensic Evidence in Context Cases, Materials and Commentaries

Brian Manarin

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The sciences supporting forensic investigation have a strong publication pedigree with many textbooks, articles and websites devoted to their pursuit.  Indeed, the forensic expert more times than not is well-trained and ready to educate the court on the knowledge base in question.  However, what is less likely to occur is the dissemination of accumulated expertise that is also accompanied by an awareness of the role and function of the various justice stakeholders.  Often this lack of awareness includes truly appreciating the role of the expert.

In Forensic Evidence in Context: Cases, Materials and Commentaries, Brian Manarin has collected a wide array of case law, journal articles and other valuable materials with a view to better preparing students and professionals alike for the time when they will be called upon to showcase their forensic talents.  A fuller understanding of the strengths, weaknesses and limitations of the law and of forensic evidence should result.  As well, a degree of introspection should occur on the backdrop of a new found awareness of how the justice system is designed to work in the realm of litigation.  This casebook will have value to those interested in the fields of law, criminology and, of course, forensic science.


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Criminal Law and Procedure


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