Fundamentals of Canadian Income Tax, Volume 1: Personal Tax, 2nd Edition

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Tax law is pervasive and affects every aspect of our commercial and personal lives. It affects every transaction, whether domestic or international, involving an exchange of goods, services, or intellectual property. Lawyers must consider the tax impact of all such transactions.

Fundamentals of Canadian Income Tax, Volume 1: Personal Tax, Second Edition is a completely up-to-date exposition of Canadian income tax in terms of legislation, administrative practices, and case law. Students and business and tax lawyers will find the discussions of the essential principles and concepts of tax law useful and easy to understand.

Written by a well-respected lawyer with an extensive academic background as a law professor, the text is written for those who are afraid of tax and numbers. It is easy to read with full citations of legal authorities. The author supports his legal analysis with numerous practical examples of how the provisions of tax law operate.

Tax law evolves and expands annually with new budgets that introduce new concepts and an increasing volume of case law. In recent years, there has been a significant shift, both in statutory and case law, in the method of interpreting the Income Tax Act. This work captures all of the significant changes in tax law, including statutory provisions, case law, and the administrative practices of the Canada Revenue Agency. There have also been several major cases in the Supreme Court which are introduced in this text.

The author incorporates superlative finding tools: a detailed table of contents, a table of cases cited, a complete topical index, and a comprehensive glossary. Most importantly, professor Krishna provides a comprehensive topical bibliography following every chapter to facilitate further research.


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