Go Beyond the Red! Distinguish Yourself in All Your Business Interactions

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In a competitive market, being competent is not enough. To distinguish yourself, you need to emphasize much more than your intellectual or technical knowledge. How can you earn the confidence of your boss, colleagues or clients, both internal and external, and become an indispensable business partner? That's what this book will teach you. Author Liette Monat, specialist in business strategies, has identified three elements that are essential to create the impact you make every time you interact with one of your targets:

Red: Your knowledge, competence, and expertise are the foundation of your professional credibility your internal and external clients, colleagues, and superiors will trust you

Yellow: Your relational and strategic skills are the essence of your meaningful business relationships, they love working with you

Green: Your proactive involvement is your contribution to their business success, you become their indispensable business partner

Red is critical to your success but alone, it is no longer enough. Yellow and Green optimize your impact in all your business interactions. All three are vital for you to rise to your full potential. This book takes you beyond the Red into the Yellow and Green, with specifics on what to do and what to say to help you excel in every kind of business situation.

Shine in all your colours:

  • Present your ideas with greater impact
  • Sell your professional solutions with greater success
  • Optimize contribution in all your projects
  • Resolve delicate situations in your business relationships
  • Reach satisfactory agreements

Benefit from the following Chapters:

  • Chapter 1, Target to Win This chapter gives you three benchmarks to help you analyze your business situations and orient your strategies. It clarifies the roles that YELLOW and GREEN play in your success and provides you with a practical tool to prepare all your business interactions
  • Chapter 2, *Network effectively Examples of ways to approach your targets, and of what to say and how to say it, in order to make yourself known and develop profitable business relationships
  • Chapter 3, Woo your targets skillfully Initiatives and advice on how to follow up on a first contact and develop a relationship of trust up to the right moment for you to present your idea or solution
  • Chapter 4, Present your ideas and sell your solutions successfully Strategies and suggestions for maximizing the impact of your presentations, answering questions, and meeting objections, to take you to a solid agreement that is good for all parties
  • Chapter 5, Impress your targets beyond their expectations Advice on how to manage your targets' satisfaction by exceeding their expectations and deal with challenges that may arise during a project
  • Chapter 6, *Grow with your targets Techniques and strategies for sustaining your business relationships following an assignment, and for seizing additional business opportunities
  • Chapter 7, Over to you A tool to help you identify and improve your own relationship and strategic skills, and invest your efforts in the aspects you need for your career to succeed

Appendix includes advice on how to maximize your impact in social business situations.

*Chapters 2 to 6 include Myths and Excuses, In the heat of action, What to do if and a summary sheet.


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