Guide to Civil Litigation - British Columbia Edition SE 20 (Print + CD)

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The Guide to Civil Litigation British Columbia Edition is available as a subscription service, with three updating releases per year, to ensure the optimal currency, accuracy, and relevancy to accord with the changes in the practice and procedure of civil litigation in British Columbia. This how-to manual is written in clear plain language and organized for efficient daily reference. This work is fully updated to reflect the forms and provisions of the new rules, now in force.

New in this edition

  • Flow of a case: A broad-view perspective of the litigation process, covering events from the initial meeting with a client through judgment
  • Documents: From issuance of the notice of civil claim to trial/ offer to settle, over 100 forms and documents, each accompanied by annotations explaining how to prepare each document and what to do with it once prepared
  • Operating procedures: Step-by-step practical instructions concerning various procedures, including:
    • The arrangement of examinations for discovery, chamber hearings, and trial dates
    • The preparation of trial records
    • The amendment of documents, and
    • Execution
  • Letters: A wide variety of sample letters to clients, other lawyers, court officials, companies, doctors, hospitals, employers, and government agencies
  • Other helpful information such as interest-calculation tables, fees, costs, law society, and search information, and a glossary of terminology
  • Precedents on disc: A CD-ROM featuring every form in fillable format, and updated with every release.


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Civil procedure

British Columbia

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