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Non-compliant employers are being targeted for inspections. Are you prepared?

Did you know that the Ontario government is doubling the number of health and safety inspectors? And, did you know that these inspectors have been mandated to target non-compliant businesses? There's never been a more urgent need for expert health and safety guidance.

Introducing the Health & Safety Compliance Toolkit Ontario. It has been developed specifically to help small and medium-sized businesses establish effective programs that meet all health and safety compliance standards required under the Ontario Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S) Act and Regulations. More importantly, it enables you to do so from scratch while saving you thousands of dollars in consultant fees!

Information you can use immediately:

The Health & Safety Compliance Toolkit Ontario is extremely easy to use, saving you considerable start-up time and money. In fact, there is no other work on the market today that is as thorough or practical. Put it to use right away and:

  • Comply with the Ontario OH&S Act and Regulations
  • Avoid costly Workers Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB) premium hikes
  • Avoid potential WSIB audits

Create an effective Health & Safety manual:

Health & Safety Compliance Toolkit Ontario contains dozens of easy-to-use policies, procedures, checklists, and templates that can be used to create a comprehensive company health and safety manual. Each template is cited against a specific clause in the Ontario OH&S Act or Regulations and includes every major employer requirement under each to ensure you are in complete compliance.

All templates of reports, forms, charts, and checklists are conveniently included on CD-ROM, including:

  • Work refusal chart
  • Organization structure
  • Hazard reports
  • Work stoppage chart
  • Audit checklists
  • Joint Health and Safety committee guidelines, and much more

And with two annual supplements, your programs will always remain current, up-to-date, and compliant.


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