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Holmested and Watson: Ontario Civil Procedure is the encyclopedia of civil litigation in Ontario. It has been designed as a general treatise on civil procedure through section-by-section and rule-by-rule analytical commentary to the Courts of Justice Act and the Rules of Civil Procedure. This can use this as a research tool in the preparation of any type of application to Court as well as preparation for trial and beyond.

Holmested and Watson contains the full text of the Courts of Justice Act and the Rules of Civil Procedure. Each section or Rule is annotated with a comprehensive, completely current body of case law digests that are assembled under convenient headings indicating the subject matter.

The case law includes all cases on civil procedure from Ontario, all common law provinces in Canada and the Federal Court of Canada reported since 1985. It also digests significant United Kingdom decisions. In many cases, the case law is integrated into a sophisticated section-by-section and rule-by-rule analytical commentary. This textual discussion describes, analyzes, synthesizes, and furnishes insights with respect to policy and purpose underlying particular procedures and rules. Updates contain the most current case law, any recent amendments to the Act and Rules and new textual commentary.

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