HR Manager's Guide to Managing Diversity and Employment Equity

Dr. Bobby Siu

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This guide provides a step-by-step approach for HR managers in developing and managing diversity and employment equity programs. It will assist HR managers in determining the level of readiness of their organizations and develop a roadmap for them in building a diverse and equitable workplace and in meeting the business visions of their organizations. If the organizations are federally regulated or under the Federal Contractors' Program (FCP), this guide will further help them to manage their programs more effectively. Essentially, the guide provides management methods and tools for managers to improve program quality and produce results, and enable them to assess various options in building a more diverse and equitable organization. Diversity-and-equity-oriented options in recruitment, selection, hiring, training, development, promotion, retention, termination, accommodation, working conditions and corporate culture are provided in this guide. Overall, HR managers will find this guide valuable as it will provide them with strategies to adopt, options to consider, and management tools (such as templates and checklists) to use in developing and strengthening their diversity and employment equity programs. With the proper guidance provided, there is a potential for HR managers to create a lasting impact in their organizations


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Human Resources


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