HR Manager's Guide to Mergers, Acquisitions, Alliances, Outsourcing, Closures and Other Large Scale Changes: How HR Creates Better Results

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There are very few circumstances where human resources (HR) will be under more pressure to find the right balance than through an acquisition, merger, or other large-scale organizational change, which is to say change involving many people. The business needs (or intended gains) of any such plan are typically very aggressive. A useful way of getting an understanding of what is involved from the HR perspective is to hear HR executives who have been through these changes discuss the how and why of decisions made and what went right or wrong in actual situations. This book includes such discussions along with checklists, specific items to take into consideration, and more.

Read about:

  • Concepts or principles of dealing with mergers and acquisitions, downsizings, out or in-sourcing, closures, and major moves of people to new locations
  • The key capabilities for a successful integration
  • How to avoid the variety of things that can go wrong with mergers

The publication is an extension of a previous work (Mergers and Acquisitions: A Survival Guide by Lynne Alex), and now has added commentary and examples that extend the original to deal with other types of large-scale change such as head office moves and integrations internally, outsourcing, joint ventures, and more, all of which follow similar HR principles. It also contains more examples of what not to do and why, which is sometimes, the most helpful advice one can receive. While no single book can hope to capture every possible variation, most of the concepts apply to many types of organizational changes.


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