Human Resources Guide to Managing Disability in the Workplace, Second Edition + CD-ROM

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Disability costs for employers are on the rise. The total cost of all disability for employers is estimated to be 12% to 19% of payroll costs. The cost of supporting mental health in the workplace was $51 billion in 2014 (Canadian Mental Health Commission). However, the costs for all types of disabilities far exceed this number.

Disability management programs have shown initial results in reducing lost time by nearly 30% with implementation of a solid program. Disability management programs are deemed successful when they can demonstrate the following:

  • Increased rate of successful returns for workers off due to compensable or non-compensable illness or injury
  • Decreased length of time ill and injured workers are off work
  • Measurable decrease in costs associated with workplace disability
  • Improved employee morale
  • Increase in or maintenance of productivity levels

Human Resources Guide to Managing Disability in the Workplace, Second Edition + CD-ROM provides human resources professionals and other stakeholders with practical tools to use and guidelines to follow to create the practices and policies that will proactively manage effective disability programs. It has several sections dealing with issues such as the prevention of disability, managing disability and accessibility, return to work planning, and accommodating individuals with disabilities in the workplace. Several forms, checklists, and flowcharts are provided on a CD, which is included with the book.

New in the second edition

  • Updated statistics and research relating to disability, mental health in the workplace, and return to work programs
  • Updated information on accessibility standards across Canada
  • Updated legislative information
  • New information about national standards regarding psychological health and safety in the workplace
  • A new chapter on attendance support and stay-at-work strategies
  • New forms, tools, and template included in the CD-ROM


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