Human Resources Guide to Mentoring Programs

Dr. Bobby Siu

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Mentoring has become extremely popular in recent years – likely due to the ongoing war for talent and the lack of bench strength in many organizations with respect to up-and-coming leaders. This is true not only with respect to traditional mentoring initiatives, but also in relation to so-called “reverse mentoring” programs. Mentoring is also used in the context of professional associations, not-for-profit organizations dedicated to the advancement of specific demographic groups, and with respect to diversity initiatives and affinity groups within organizations.

Human Resources Guide to Mentoring Programs is a book about mentoring programs in the workplace, with a special focus on Canadian organizations. In essence, it presents the rationale and benefits of mentoring, along with several different models relating to mentoring programs and a practical, step-by-step approach for HR practitioners to adopt in setting up, implementing, and evaluating these programs. It begins with a definition, overview, and environmental scan of the meaning and status of mentoring programs and an identification of various patterns and trends driving the importance of mentoring within organizations. Various real-world approaches to mentoring are presented with a discussion on their pros and cons. The book then focuses on the rationale and business case behind mentoring programs, along with some of the challenges associated with managing those programs. It balances theory and practice and takes the reader through the process of designing, planning, implementing, sustaining, and evaluating mentoring programs within their own organizations. Throughout the book are tips, strategies, helpful hints, and best practices for human resources practitioners to follow.


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