Hutchisons Search Warrant Manual, 2020 Edition

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Hutchisons Search Warrant Manual, 2020 Edition is a leading resource for warrant preparation. The work covers important topics such as:

  • The organizing principles of search and seizure in Canada
  • The nature of judicial pre-authorization
  • Warrant authorizing provisions
  • Identifying the things to be searched for and seized
  • Identifying the location to be searched
  • Offences under investigation
  • Computers and search warrants and specialized provisions

In addition, it reviews general drafting approaches as well as specific procedural issues, and includes precedent paragraphs to assist in drafting. The appendices contain the relevant Criminal Code provisions.

New in the 2020 edition

  • Over 200 additional cases
  • Updated section on the reasonable expectation of privacy principle, including over 50 new examples of when reasonable expectation of privacy exists and does not exist
  • Updated analysis of Bill C-13, including a review of tracking warrants (s. 492.1), transmission data recorder warrants (s. 492.2), general production orders (s. 487.014), and financial institution production orders (s. 487.018)
  • New section on the role of reviewing courts
  • Revised examination of media searches, including a complete review of the Journalistic Sources Protection Act and the Supreme Court of Canada's decision in R. v. Vice Media
  • New section on Controlled Drugs and Substances Act warrants
  • Updated section on obtaining and maintaining sealing orders
  • New empirical data related to the issuance and refusal of Criminal Code warrants, Controlled Drugs and Substances Act warrants, telewarrants, and production orders
  • New sections have been added to various chapters. For example, sections on the following topics have been added:
    • The role of the reviewing court in the warrant process
    • Drafting challenges for warrants related to informer privilege
    • The citizen informant and confidential informants
    • Procedural issues related to sealing orders post-execution of warrant and non-publication orders
  • Updated checklists, including nearly 10 checklists provided for the first time


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