Insurance and Risk Management in Commercial Leasing

Dawn Michaeloff

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Insurance and risk management issues in the commercial leasing context are highly technical, interrelated and often misunderstood. Insurance and Risk Management in Commercial Leasing is the first resource to simplify these complicated concepts. Find detailed discussion on:

  • The types of insurance that apply to landlords and tenants
  • Risk that is excluded from coverage and factors that limit insurance proceeds or recovery
  • Clarification on common misconceptions such as key differences between additional insureds and additional named insureds
  • The right to subrogate and waivers of subrogation
  • Express and implied common law releases and indemnities
  • Managing liability for pure economic loss and implications in the leasing community
  • The damage and destruction provisions of a lease and how they interrelate with the repair, insurance, indemnity and release provisions . . . and much more
This unique resource includes over 100 case commentaries, detailed analysis and references to applicable statutes from across Canada. It also includes numerous precedent provisions and drafting tips and a glossary of insurance industry terms to guide you through the process. This resource is a must for anyone who prepares, negotiates, reviews or administers commercial offers to lease and/or leases.


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Insurance Law,Real Estate Law


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