Intellectual Property The Law in Canada, Second Edition

Daniel Gervais; Elizabeth Judge

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The second edition of Intellectual Property: The Law in Canada covers all aspects of intellectual property law in Canada, including copyright, industrial designs, trade-marks and related torts such as misappropriation of personality, patents, confidential information, plant varieties, integrated circuit topographies, international intellectual property, and overlaps between intellectual property rights. This new edition includes extensive analysis of all important recent Canadian cases and their contributions to the developing theory of Canadian intellectual property law, as well as a new chapter on enforcement and jurisdiction, more complete coverage of intellectual property theory and history, an extensive analysis of copyright originality standards and recent proposed copyright reform, and thoroughly reorganized chapters on trade-marks and confidential information. The authors analyze the leading cases to state the law succinctly and highlight emerging issues and continuing controversies, especially those raised by new technologies. Written in an innovative style that blends the advantage of treatise and casebook, Intellectual Property: The Law in Canada, Second Edition, blends the advantages of treatise and casebook and is a definitive resource for both practitioner and student. For instructors of intellectual property law, the authors include many teaching materials, which accent issues raised by new technologies, such as peer-to-peer file sharing, internet service provider liability, traditional knowledge, biotechnology, domain names, and protection of image and of fictional characters. Each chapter contains an extensive set of discussion questions to facilitate class discussion and for practice by student study groups. Sample examination questions are also provided.


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Intellectual Property Law


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