Interlocutory Proceedings (Print + ProView online)

Christopher Wirth

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This insightful service details the various proceedings that may be used before trial explaining how to obtain the desired order so you can be one step ahead of the game. No matter what kind of proceeding you're researching, with this resource you will know how to:

  • Obtain the order
  • Identify the proper test for granting the order in specific proceedings
  • Enforce the order
  • Identify the inherent risks
  • Analyze the cost benefit considerations
  • Access the precedents you need to obtain the order
You'll also benefit from extensive coverage of motions to stay a proceeding, where you will learn about:
  • When such a motion can be brought forward
  • Statutory and regulatory provisions which govern such a motion
  • forum non-conveniens its tactical considerations and the law
  • How to determine whether a real and substantial connection exists
  • Choice of law and venueand more!
Interlocutory Proceedings designed for every day use, whenever you want to know how to prepare effective interim motions. Take advantage of:
  • Helpful hints
  • Legislative authorities
  • Risk and tactical considerations
  • Precedents and more!
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Civil Procedure,Litigation and Appeals


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