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This insightful resource details various proceedings, which may come in handy before the trial. You can make use of these proceedings before trial to figure out the desired order, so you can be one step ahead of the game right from the beginning. So, no matter what kind of proceeding you are researching for, this book will offer you insights on how to

  • Obtain the order
  • Identify the proper test for granting the order in specific proceedings
  • Enforce the order
  • Identify the inherent risks
  • Analyze the cost-benefit considerations
  • Access the precedents you need to obtain the order

You'll also benefit from extensive coverage of motions to stay a proceeding, where you will learn about

  • When you can bring forward such a motion
  • Statutory and regulatory provisions that govern such a motion
  • Its tactical considerations and the law
  • How to determine whether a real and substantial connection exists
  • Choice of law and venue, and more

Interlocutory Proceedings is for everyday use. Whenever you want to know how to prepare effective interim motions. Take advantage of

  • Helpful hints
  • Legislative authorities
  • Risk and tactical considerations
  • Precedent, and more

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