Investigative Interviewing - The Essentials

Michel St-Yves

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Investigative interviews represent a considerable portion of an investigator's work. When they are well conducted, these interviews can help solve many criminal matters. But to conduct proper investigative interviews, certain rules and methods must be followed. Written by 16 researchers and practitioners who have studied and shaped investigative interviewing practices, this book contains the most recent findings in the field. In it you will learn about the fundamental rules to successfully conduct investigative interviews, interviewing children and adult witnesses, mistaken identifications and false memories, interviewing suspects, mental vulnerabilities and false confessions, lie detection as well as training in investigative interviewing. Table of Contents

  • Introduction Michel St-Yves
  • Rapport in Investigative Interviews Five Fundamental Rules to Achieve It Michel St-Yves
  • Interviewing Witnesses and Victims R. Edward Geiselman and Ronald P. Fisher
  • Interviewing Children Mireille Cyr, Jacinthe Dion and Martine Powell
  • Eyewitness Memory and Mistaken Identifications Lorraine Hope and James D. Sauer
  • False Memory James Ost
  • Interviewing Suspects Michel St-Yves et Christian A. Meissner
  • Mental Vulnerabilities and False Confessions Gisli H. Gudjonsson
  • Myths and Opportunities in Verbal and Nonverbal Lie Detection Aldert Vrij
  • Training in Investigative Interviewing - Observations and Challenges Michel St-Yves, Andrew T. Griffiths, Mireille Cyr, Fiona Gabbert, Michel Carmans, Christophe Sellie, Guy Bruneau, and Martine Powell
  • Conclusion Michel St-Yves
  • Analytical Index

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