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Written by Donald J. M. Brown, Q.C. and The Honourable John M. Evans, both widely regarded as experts in the field of administrative law, Judicial Review of Administrative Action in Canada offers a substantive view of the law along with practical guidance on the issues that can arise in the judicial review process. This publication is a comprehensive research and working tool for administrative bodies, practitioners, and legal scholars. It is used across Canada and in academic and court libraries throughout the common law world. Designed to be a primary source of the statute and case law in the field of judicial review, the text also includes important legislation, regulations, rules, forms, and practice directions for each jurisdiction.

This book contains a new feature, "View from the Top", contributed by John Evans. This is an annual survey of the most important administrative law cases decided in the past year by the Supreme Court of Canada. Subscribers will appreciate the in-depth critical analysis of the leading cases, their practical implications for practitioners, and the identification of emerging issues. For subscribers' ease of reference, the discussion of each topic is related to the relevant chapter of the book. Drawing on both his academic and judicial experience, the author provides an overview of the developments in administrative law emanating from the Supreme Court's recent decisions that subscribers will find interesting, timely, and useful. Judicial Review of Administrative Action in Canada was the recipient of the prestigious Mundell Medal in 1999. A highly sought-after prize, the Mundell Medal is awarded for a "distinguished contribution to letters and law".

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