Labour Arbitrations and All That, Fourth Edition

John Sanderson; Matthew Wilson

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A practical, working manual for effective arbitration preparation and presentation, this work discusses arbitration in a pragmatic and practical manner to bring clarity to the process and provides clear, objective advice. This fourth edition, published four decades after the first edition, remains true to the original publication as it sets out in a logical sequence the complete arbitration process – from filing a grievance to proceeding through the arbitration process to seeking judicial review. Highlights of what is new in the fourth edition

  • Updates to statutory references and provisions
  • More detailed discussion of without prejudice discussions in grievance meetings
  • Review of the law on a union's duty of fair representation
  • Tips and techniques to avoid protracted arbitration hearings
  • Discussion on the use of subpoena duces tucem
  • Review of the arbitrator's expanded jurisdiction
  • Rules of cross examination are provided
  • Substantial changes to the chapter on judicial review to reflect changes in the law
  • Revised the chapter on legal issues to include such topics as abuse of process, issue estoppel, expert witness
Written by arbitrator John Sanderson and arbitrator/Vice-Chair of Ontario Labour Relations Board Matthew Wilson, this practical easy-to-read text guides readers through the complex topic of labour arbitration. It helps you to prepare for the arbitration process and develop collective agreement relationships. It will also help you understand how to best manage the labour arbitration process when dealing with the complex issues that are often raised. The text is for the legally trained audience as well as workplace parties who have an interest in the labour arbitration process.


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Labor and Employment Law


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