Law in International Finance (ProView online only)

Alison R.,Manzer;Carla,Potter;Suhuyini,Abudulai

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This text explains the multi-jurisdictional aspects of an international finance transaction. It will help you recognize issues that are likely to occur, advises you on concerns you will need to keep in mind, and outlines some of the usual solutions that have been applied to similar issues and concerns. This book provides a comprehensive analysis of the most commonly encountered issues that arise in an international finance transaction and includes examples to illustrate how these issues are handled in various countries. Examples include structuring debt credit agreements, taking security in jurisdictions outside Canada, and understanding the specialized products designed to deal with issues that arise in the typical multi-jurisdiction finance transaction. Topics include Role of Law in International Finance Debt Credit Agreements Taking Security Financial Products in International Finance Public Markets Regulatory and Market Issues in International Finance.

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