Law of Confidential Business Information

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This resource covers a broad range of issues including steps to protect confidentiality, types of fiduciary relationships, restrictive covenants, defences and remedies. It also deals with employment law and the intellectual property aspects of confidential information. It helps you to:

  • Fully understand the concept of confidential business information
  • Draft effective confidentiality clauses and agreements quickly
  • Quickly develop policies that keep valuable information from being appropriated
  • Strengthen existing safeguards and reduce the chances of a breach
  • Initiate or defend a claim
  • Prepare yourself for litigation should a breach occur
  • Recognize what the courts will consider in a claim, and anticipate the defences
Benefit from:
  • Proven precedents that allow you to customize the clauses to your needs
  • The most up-to-date information on the importance of business information, global competition and the way the courts deal with confidential business information
  • The most current case law to ensure you are always up to date on the legal developments
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