Law of Publication Bans, Private Hearings and Sealing Orders (Print & ProView)

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As mass media becomes increasingly prominent and the internet allows information to be instantly disseminated on a global scale, new questions about the need for and effectiveness of publication bans are arising. This book is the only work that provides a comprehensive review of the statutory and common law of publication bans in Canada and restrictions on access to courts and court information by the public and media. It focuses on the exceptions to the principles of freedom of expression and freedom of the press, discussing leading cases, and relevant legislation in all Canadian jurisdictions.

The Law of Publication Bans, Private Hearings and Sealing Orders includes commentary on:

  • Open courts and freedom of expression and the contrary interest of litigants and others in personal privacy, fair trials, confidential business information, police sources and techniques, integrity of trial exhibits, and state information on terrorism
  • Common law, statutory publication bans, and access restrictions
  • Bans in the context of civil, criminal, youth, family courts, and administrative tribunals
  • Practice and procedure, detailing the legal tests, principles, case authorities, constitutional considerations, and burdens of proof
  • Television and electronic access to trial courts

The wide range of forums and issues discussed to make it a useful reference for practitioners, tribunals, court administrators, journalists, and the judiciary in all areas of law.

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