Maritime Liens and Claims, 2nd Edition

William Tetley

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Professor Tetley's unique approach to maritime liens and claims not only compares and contrasts four different systems of law the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada and France but it also provides a complete comparison of civilian and common law approaches to the subject. It is important to acknowledge the author's painstaking indexing system, consisting of four indices (word, case, statute and international convention), which provide readers with easy access to the text. The author has also provided lien law summaries written by respected admiralty attorneys from thirty-five major shipping nations. These summaries outline, for each country, the major principles of law applied, the liens recognized and the order in which each jurisdiction ranks them, the enforceability of ship mortgages, and the resolution of troublesome conflict of laws issues. All of these discussions will prove invaluable to anyone dealing with international maritime law. The author's approach to the subject is distinctive. His comparative analysis of American, British, Canadian and French law is most comprehensive. The international nature of maritime lien law compels such an approach, which is useful not only in understanding how the law in each country has developed, but also in observing the various approaches to the same problems of law.

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Admiralty and Maritime Law


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