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An exhaustive and widely used reference and regularly cited in courtrooms, Martin's Annual Criminal Code presents a complete picture of the Criminal Code of Canada.

It includes:

  • Full annotations of the Criminal Code of Canada, the Canada Evidence Act, the Controlled Drugs and Substance Act, the Crimes Against Humanity and War Crimes Act, the Youth Criminal Justice Act, and excerpts from the Constitution Act, 1982
  • Quick reference offence grid
  • Forms of charges
  • Concordance
  • Table of cases

Whats new in this edition:

  • R. v. Friesen, 2020 SCC 9 The Supreme Court of Canada expressed anticipation and acceptance of rising lengths of sentences and the ranges they comprise for sexual offences against children, reflecting Parliaments specific decision to raise the maximum sentences for such offences
  • R. v. Chung, 2020 SCC 8 According to the Supreme Court of Canada, momentary excessive speed on its own could establish the mens rea for dangerous operation where, having regard to all the circumstances, it supports an inference that the driving had resulted from a marked departure from the standard of care that a reasonable person in the same circumstances would have exhibited
  • R. v. K.G.K., 2020 SCC 7 Although the right to be tried within a reasonable time persists until sentence is imposed, the Supreme Court held the presumptive ceilings established by Jordan do not where the accused claims the trial judge caused an unreasonable delay with excessive time taken for verdict-deliberation, the accused must meet the heavy burden of establishing that deliberations had taken markedly longer than they reasonably should have in all the circumstances
  • R. v. M.R.H., 2019 SCC 46 The Supreme Court noted that the Crown practice of drafting a single count of an indictment to cover a plurality of distinct incidents creates the risk that an accused may be convicted without jurors unanimous agreement on every underlying incident

Amendments to the Criminal Code and other legislation featured in Martin's Annual Criminal Code, since its 2020 edition, include those introduced by the following:

  • An Act to amend the Criminal Code, the Youth Criminal Justice Act and other Acts, S.C. 2019, c. 25 (former Bill C-75)
  • The Canada United States Mexico Agreement Implementation Act, S.C. 2020, c. 1 (former Bill C-4)
  • The Budget Implementation Act, 2019, No. 1, S.C. 2019, c. 29 (former Bill C-97)
  • An Act to amend the Criminal Code (bestiality and animal fighting), S.C. 2019, c. 17 (former Bill C-84)
  • An Act to amend the National Defence Act and to make related and consequential amendments to other Acts, S.C. 2019, c. 15 (former Bill C-77)
  • An Act to amend certain Acts and Regulations in relation to firearms, S.C. 2019, c. 9 (former Bill C-71)
  • An Act respecting national security matters, S.C. 2019, c. 13 (former Bill C-59)
  • An Act to amend the Criminal Code and other Acts (ending the captivity of whales and dolphins), S.C. 2019, c. 11 (former Bill S-203)


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