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Martin's Related Criminal Statutes, 2020-2021 Edition is fully annotated by criminal law experts Edward L. Greenspan, Q.C., The Honourable Mr. Justice Marc Rosenberg, and Marie Henein. Available in print and online in CriminalSource, it includes an updated non-criminal code statutes and related case law. Thoroughly cross-referenced and updated annually, this book contains a winning combination of insight and information.

Case Law Highlights:

  • According to the Court of Appeal for Ontario, when electronic evidence belongs to someone who is not the accused, the Crown cannot rely on § 31.3(b) of the Canada Evidence Act to establish its integrity R. v. S.H., 2019 ONCA 669
  • The appellate court held the polices covert non-intrusive operation designed to obtain the appellants saliva from a coffee cup in a public place, in order to compare this sample against DNA found at crime scenes, not to have breached § 8 of the Charter DAmico c. R., 2019 QCCA 77
  • Since § 36 of the Mutual Legal Assistance in Criminal Matters Act aimed to alter the rules concerning the admissibility of hearsay evidence in a way inconsistent with the accuseds right to a fair trial, British Columbias Court of Appeal held the provision to be of no force or effect R. v. Rajaratnam, 2019 BCCA 209
  • According to the Supreme Court of Canada, any person who could make a claim under § 36(1)(a) of the Competition Act includes umbrella purchasers, being those had purchased goods from other sellers Pioneer Corp. v. Godfrey, 2019 SCC 42
  • The delay of a parole hearing resulting from mishandling of the application for parole was held to be insufficient to constitute an unlawful deprivation of liberty that might warrant an unconditional discharge from custody R. v. Richer, 2019 SKCA 134
  • The Federal Court of Appeal found that something falling within the definition of currency under Canadas anti-money laundering legislation could also qualify as goods under the Customs Act, thereby allowing both statutes to operation without conflict or contradiction Hociung v. Canada (Minister of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness, 2019 FCA 214.)

Legislative Highlights:

The edition features recent amendments, including those to the following statutes and regulations:

  • Canada Evidence Act
  • Cannabis Act
  • Competition Act
  • Contraventions Act
  • Corrections and Conditional Release Act and Regulations
  • Criminal Records Act
  • Customs Act
  • Federal Courts Act
  • Firearms Act
  • Fisheries Act
  • Identification of Criminals Act
  • Mutual Legal Assistance in Criminal Matters Act
  • Proceeds of Crime (Money Laundering) and Terrorist Financing Act and Regulations
  • Security of Information Act
  • Seized Property Management Act
  • Sex Offender Information Registration Act


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