Matrimonial Property Law in Canada (Print + ProView online)

James McLeod; Alfred Mamo

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Founding Editors: James G. McLeod and Alfred A. Mamo

In-depth treatment of the law of matrimonial property as it applies across the country. The work begins with an introductory section of general application to the provinces. Among the topics discussed in this section are conflict of laws, income tax as it relates to the settlement of matrimonial property and the valuation of the various kinds of property. An analysis of the legislation and case law pertinent to each jurisdiction is contained in individual chapters. Each chapter is written by a leading expert from the jurisdiction.

For easy reference and comprehensiveness, the work also includes

  • a Quantum Section featuring digests of both unreported and reported decisions, classified under the logical headings
  • an appendix of relevant matrimonial property statutes from each province
  • a concordance showing equivalent sections in the various statutes
  • a detailed index.

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