Mediating Employment Disputes, Second Edition

Barry Kuretzky; Jennifer MacKenzie

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Mediation of employment disputes has evolved significantly in the last 10 years. Most employment counsel will find themselves involved in mediation on a regular basis. This practical text will help lawyers and other professionals prepare for employment law mediations and informal workplace mediations. Each chapter is fully updated and revised to reflect changes in the law, policy and practice. Whether it's during the course of the employment relationship or after termination of employment, you'll gain a clear understanding of the various considerations involved in each stage of the mediation process, including:

  • When a case is well suited for mediation
  • How to select a mediator and set up a mediation session
  • Techniques and approaches to prepare for mediation
  • The role of counsel
  • Reaching a resolution
  • How to deal with special issues such as public interest matters, multiple party disputes and animosity amongst parties
Mediating Employment Disputes, Second Edition provides you with:
  • Extensive commentary that is practical in nature
  • Practical tips and checklists and case studies
  • Practical up-to-date precedents and letters
  • New chapter containing excerpts from pre-eminent employment mediators in Canada showcasing each mediator's perspective about what leads to a good mediation sessions


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Alternative Dispute Resolution,Labor and Employment Law


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