Medicine in the Litigation Process

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This work specifically meets the needs of the busy lawyer who requires a practical, comprehensive reference work on the legal and medical issues arising in the litigation process. Two experienced civil litigators provide a practical treatment of the civil law applicable to medical records, expert reports and expert evidence. Whether you are representing the plaintiff or the defendant, find essential information that will assist in settlement negotiations, trial preparation and the trial itself. Find practical answers to questions such as: Who is required to keep medical records? When can they be produced in an action and how can they be admitted as evidence in court? What are the duties and responsibilities of expert witnesses? What is the law on expert opinion based on hearsay? What is the current state of the law on the ultimate issue rule? What are the best methods for qualifying an expert as a witness or for preparing a witness for trial? What is the best way to evaluate the meaning, depth and thoroughness of a medical report? In addition, a group of highly regarded Canadian physicians demystify medicine for lawyers, providing thorough coverage of the following, in laymans terms: injuries to the head, spine, extremities and pelvis; neuropsychology and traumatic brain injury; chronic pain disorders; and rehabilitation. Extensive illustrations and a glossary are included. In-depth discussion of medical issues is provided and provides answers to basic questions such as: What is the anatomy of the brain and what is the difference between a head injury and a traumatic brain injury? What should a physician look for when examining a patient for spinal injury? What tests are performed? What are the commonly used tests to measure memory functioning? What are the physical and psychosocial complaints associated with whiplash injuries? What are the activities of the members of a rehabilitation team of professionals?


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