O'Brien's Encyclopedia of Forms, Eleventh Edition - Wills and Trusts, Division V

Ambie,Edgar-Chana;Jennifer A.,Pfuetzner;Mary L.,MacGregor

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Editors: Mary L. MacGregor, Jennifer A. Pfuetzner, and Ambie Edgar-Chana

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O'Brien's Encyclopedia of Forms, Eleventh Edition is a comprehensive collection of forms and precedents covering a broad range of legal subjects. It provides, both in looseleaf and electronic formats, thousands of documents that can be easily customized to suit your individual needs. Each topical division includes authored commentary.

O'Brien's – Wills and Trusts, Division V is your one-stop source for forms and precedents relating to your estate planning practice. This service includes a collection of legal precedents, including entire wills, as well as hundreds of clauses to be inserted as required. It includes 12 complete inter vivos trust agreements along with more than 40 optional trust clauses. Marriage contracts, powers of attorney and materials on planning for people with disabilities, planning for probate and drafting multiple wills are also important components of this work. It includes commentary on the subject area in question, to provide context for the precedents.

With the Internet version, easily search for agreements and clauses, integrate and customize them into documents and email them to your clients.

Master Subject Index is available in both print and online.

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Civil Procedure,Estate Planning


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