Oosterhoff on Trusts, 9th Edition

Albert Oosterhoff; Robert Chambers; Mitchell McInnes

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Oosterhoff on Trusts, 9th Edition provides a clear understanding for the basic law of trusts, and insight into the complexities of trust law

The ninth edition of Oosterhoff on Trusts was prepared to incorporate the vast changes in the law of trusts since the previous edition. It is meant to provide students, practitioners and teachers of the subject with a clear structure for understanding the basic law of trusts, while providing insight into the complexities of trust law. The textual material is designed to give students a framework for understanding and analyzing the cases and materials that will enable them to be self-directed in learning.

New in this edition

  • Thorough revision of all text and commentary
  • updated with new case and statute law, including the new New Brunswick Trustees Act that is based on the Uniform Trustee Act of 2012
  • Material on:
    • Aboriginal settlement trusts, sham trusts, gratuitous transfer to trustee of pre-existing trust, resettlement of trust, administrative and cy-près schemes, public appeals (fundraising), rebutting presumptions in context of illegal purposes, personal liability of trustees, exculpatory clauses, and tracing into the payment of a debt.




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Estate Planning


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