Out of Practice Exploring Legal Career Paths in Canada

Amy Kaufman; Leeann Beggs

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Is it time to try something new? While this is a common question for anyone to ask over the span of a career, for people in law it can be particularly challenging to answer. You've already invested lots of time, money and effort to get where you are. But sometimes you need to take some time to reflect on whether your current path is right for you. This book will guide you through that process. Out of Practice: Exploring Legal Career Paths in Canada presents the experiences of lawyers who have made changes, both large and small, to their own careers, along with the advice of legal career coaches, all within the context of what is happening in Canada's legal profession. It provides practical strategies to explore and make the transition into a new career or, alternatively, reassess and modify your current career path in smaller ways. This book will bring you into a conversation about what it means to practice law in Canada today and lay out some of the varied paths open to people with law degrees.


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Ethics and Professional Responsibility,Military Law


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