Powerful Employment Policies (ProView online only)

Lauren M.,Bernardi

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This is a ready-to-use compilation of important policies and related forms for preparing a legally sound, user-friendly employee policy manual. Revised and updated regularly to bring you the most current issues affecting the workplace, all of the forms and policies are pre-made and organized for easy access. You'll find one policy per topic with guidelines on how to customize it. This convenient looseleaf is divided into three components and includes: # 1. Employee Policy Handbook with:

  • More than 70 easy-to-customize sample policies covering all the major topics
  • Commentary following each policy, providing important insight on human resources and legal issues
  • Charts outlining the legal requirements of all Canadian jurisdictions
# 2. Manager's Reference Manual provides important guidelines to your managers on:
  • The rationale of the policies and how to enforce them
  • How to manage effectively
  • The procedures to follow when dealing with employee issues such as performance evaluations, termination, harassment - and more!
# 3. Forms section provides all of the documents you need to support and enforce:
  • Policies
  • Procedures
The companion CD-ROM makes creating and updating your company policy handbook even easier. Thomson Reuters ProView™ The eBook version of this publication is available through your web browser, or can be downloaded to your desktop or laptop (Windows and Mac), iPad, or Android tablet. Visit carswell.com/proview to learn more and to see the complete collection of ProView

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Human Resources


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