Private Law Dictionary and Bilingual Lexicons - Family, Second Edition

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Over the last two decades, legislatures, judges, notaries, advocates, legal scholars, and of course families themselves have taken steps, or chosen not to, that have reshaped the normative contours of family life in Quebec. What impact has all of this had on the vocabulary of the law as recorded in the Private Law Dictionary: Family?

Arguably the most significant changes from the lexicographers’ vantage are those adopted in 2002 by the legislature of Quebec in An Act instituting civil unions and establishing new rules of filiation. The Quebec legislature’s enactment of a new Code of Civil Procedure also changed numerous elements of “civil justice” affecting family matters. Other changes have resulted from the legislature’s welcome efforts to improve the English version of the Civil Code, and occasionally alter the French text, consonant with the idea that both languages are equally rich, and equally authoritative, expressions of Quebec civil law.

The authors of the second edition of this dictionary took on the seemingly impossible task of settling the lexicon of the vocabulary of Quebec’s private law of the family. The dictionary is now presented in two separate volumes: one in English, the other in French.

French Version also available.

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