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Obligatio est iuris vinculum "The obligation is a legal bond": this grand civilian idea of the Emperor Justinian announces the spirit in which the Private Law Dictionary of Obligations casts the fundamental vocabulary of this branch of Quebec law.

Available in English and French, the Private Law Dictionary of Obligations and the Dictionnaire de droit privé des obligations have been prepared by a world-renowned team of civil law scholars at the Quebec Research Centre of Private and Comparative Law at McGill University in order to show how this legal bond is at the center of the Quebec private law's terminology.

The vocabulary of the law of Obligations forms part of a lawyer's basic culture, not only as that vocabulary bears on contract and civil liability, but more generally as the foundation of all private law terminology. The lexicon for the law of Obligations in Quebec is unquestionably unique in the world. Developed in French and English, the terminology of Obligations reflects the heritage of an ancient civil law tradition as it evolves in North America as well as the renewal of private law associated with the advent of the Civil Code of Quebec. While fundamentally civilian in character, the vocabulary also signals Quebec's status as a mixed legal system and, in particular, recognizes that some of Quebec private law originates in federal legislation and other sources of law.

Each of the English and French-language editions of the Private Law Dictionary of Obligations presents nearly 400 pages of definitions and commentary, accompanied by a Bilingual French-English Lexicon as well as an introductory essay of the importance of the vocabulary of this area to Quebec private law generally. They are an essential tool for all Quebec jurists, legal translators, lawyers from across Canada interested in understanding Quebec law and for comparative law scholars.

Previous editions of the dictionaries have been used in university teaching across Quebec and Canada, by all levels of courts including the Supreme Court of Canada and by scholars, translators and lawyers internationally seeking an authoritative presentation of Quebec legal terminology in both French and English.

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