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General Editor: Lewis Klar Consultants: Allan Linden, Earl Cherniak and Peter Kryworuk This five-volume national work provides thorough coverage of the law relating to recovery in tort actions in Canada. Compiled and updated by experts in tort law, this supplemented service ensures practitioners are up-to-date on latest court decisions. No other Canadian publication summarizes tort law so completely or in such a readily accessible fashion. Included in the five volumes:

  • Volumes 1-3 focus on specific torts with a separate chapter devoted to each of 23 torts. The Negligence chapter comprises all of Volume 2. A further chapter, Developing Torts, covers emerging areas of tort liability that have not yet been fully articulated by Canadian courts.
  • Volume 4 contains in-depth treatment of substantive and procedural issues common to all tort litigation.
  • Volume 5 contains a Table of Cases, a Table of Statutes, and a comprehensive index
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