Return to Work Compliance Toolkit

Jane Sleeth

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A hands-on, easy-to-use resource that offers tremendous time-saving opportunities for managers seeking to initiate or update their own return to work programs. Learn how to comply with all legal and regulatory requirements, and see examples and best practices from across Canada. Table of Contents Chapter 1 Legislation, Regulations and Cost Benefits: A Canadian Perspective Chapter 2 What is a Return-to-Work Program? Chapter 3 Setting Up the Return-to-Work Program Chapter 4 The Return-to-Work Process Chapter 5 The Role of the Physical Rehabilitation Provider Chapter 6 The Role of the Physician in a Return-to-Work Program Chapter 7 Role of the Medical Specialist in a Return-to-Work Program Chapter 8 Ergonomic Principles in Return-to-Work Programs Chapter 9 Accountability and the Return-to-Work Process Chapter 10 Consequences and Costs of Disability in Canada Chapter 11 Psychological Illness and the Workplace: Canadian Trends and Return-to-Work Challenges Chapter 12 Health Care System's Impact on Disability Management Systems Forms.

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Occupational Safety and Health Law


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