Secured Transactions in Personal Property in Canada, 3rd Edition

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A complete practitioner's manual to the personal property security regimes of Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta and British Columbia. As a textbook, it contains detailed analysis of the fine and more complex academic aspects of personal property security law. As a handbook, it sets out the mechanics for registering and searching documents under the various provincial statutes. Finally, as a law reporter, it features the full text of all relevant case law together with expertly prepared headnotes.

Written by an acknowledged expert in the commercial law field, the service offers • complete analysis of the Ontario Personal Property Security Act as well as the legislation in Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba and Saskatchewan • the full text of all personal property security legislation, regulations, forms and registration/searching manuals • integrated treatment of the law by topic, highlighting the similarities and differences among the various provincial regimes • an invaluable collection of transactional document precedents. Carswell eReference Library™ is a virtual library that allows subscribers to access print looseleaf products whose contents have been made available in an online format. Subscribe to any eReference looseleaf and you get online access for an unlimited number of users at the same location. It's like getting unlimited copies for the price of one. In addition to being cost-effective, every eReference looseleaf offers the convenience of seamlessly integrated updates and the efficiency of searching and tracking features. Each title is available in two subscription options – print with online access or online access only. For more information visit

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