Self-Governing Professions: Digests of Court Decisions (Print + ProView online)

Keith R. Hamilton

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Stay in touch with the latest issues and learn from the mistakes of others on how to keep your self-governed profession in line with the law. An invaluable research tool, this looseleaf service provides easy access to summaries of recent Canadian court decisions relating to the governance of self-governing professions such as:

  • Law Societies
  • Colleges of Physicians and Surgeons
  • Real Estate Commissions
  • Veterinary Medical Associations
  • Institute of Chartered Accountants – and many others
Updated twice per year, you'll receive insightful coverage on issues such as:
  • Membership
  • Mobility
  • Unauthorized practice
  • Iintervention in a member's practice
  • Investigation and prosecution of complaints
  • Adjudication of complaints
  • Marketing of professional services
  • A professional's remuneration
  • Professional misconduct
  • Appeals
  • Security of clients' funds – and more!
This resource will provide you with the most authoritative and succinct understanding of the law.

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Administrative Law,Ethics and Professional Responsibility


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