Straight Talk on Harassment and Bullying

Claudine Kapel; Alina Mitchell; Barbara Schaaf

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Harassment in the workplace hurts everyone. It can be difficult and emotional for everyone involved and the potential impact on the organization can include diminished performance, increased absenteeism and higher turnover. This is why it is so important for supervisors and managers to fully understand their role in providing employees with a positive and harmonious work environment and ensuring no employee is subjected to harassment in the course of doing his or her job. This guide will provide you with a clear picture of what workplace harassment is and isn't. It is intended to help you develop an awareness of the human, financial and organizational impacts of harassment and help you to better navigate the complex issues that are likely to arise when dealing with a harassment complaint. The guide reviews key elements of an effective response, including: • Having a documented procedure for addressing employee concerns and complaints. • Ensuring protection against victimization or retaliation for workers who complain of harassment, or who give evidence in an investigation. • Taking appropriate corrective action to resolve any substantiated complaints.


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Human Resources


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