Straight Talk on Hiring Great Employees

Claudine Kapel; Barbara Schaaf

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Recruiting new talent is a critical and strategically important undertaking. You need the right talent on your team to successfully achieve your business objectives. This guide has been developed to help you with your recruiting efforts. It helps you work through what you're really looking for in the way of new talent. It helps you define a compelling job offer. And it helps you plan your job interviews from reviewing résumés to developing an interview guide so you can find the right individual for the job through a fair, consistent and thoughtful recruiting process. The guide explores the types of questions that are most helpful in an interview so you can better assess whether a job candidate is really a good fit for the job. The guide also highlights the types of questions you should avoid asking during an interview, to help ensure your recruiting process is free of potentially discriminatory practices. At the end of the guide, you'll also find an overview of how your Human Resources team, if applicable, typically partners with hiring managers to support the recruiting and onboarding process.


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Human Resources


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