Taxes, Health & Disabilities

David Sherman

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Canadas tax systems (both income tax and GST) contain many provisions designed to assist disabled persons and others with health problems. These incde: tax credits for disabled persons • credits for medical expenses and a wide variety of health-related expenses • special rules for various kinds of disability payments • tax credits for disabled dependants • rules for disabled employees • no GST on certain drugs, health care services, other services related to disabled people and medical devices • special rules throughout the tax system that provide additional relief for disabled people, both adults and children. To date there has been no publication that draws together and organizes this information. This publication fills that void. The author provides authoritative and detailed analysis of all of these rules. The book is written in a clear style intelligible to the layperson but also contains more than 1,000 footnotes, providing complete and thorough sources for tax specialists. An indispensable tool for disabled persons, tax advisors, family members, health care professional and disability associations.


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Taxation Law


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