The 2021 Annotated Employment Insurance Act

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The publication contains fully up-to-date consolidation of the Employment Insurance Act and its related regulations. Understanding employment insurance problems has never been easier with this new edition of your go-to reference guide. For 2021, this publication also includes the Canada Emergency Response Benefit Act, its regulations, and the new Canada Recovery Benefits Act.

Key features include:

  • The full text of the Employment Insurance Act, as amended
  • Section-by-section annotations, including updated case law, commentary, and related provisions
  • Employment Insurance Act regulations, with annotations
  • New benefits enacted in response to COVID-19 the Canada Emergency Response Act and the Canada Recovery Benefits Act
  • Legislation related to the Social Security Tribunal, with annotations
  • Tax Court of Canada Rules of Procedure Respecting the Employment Insurance Act

Specific changes for this edition:

  • Updated Employment Insurance Act and annotations
  • The annotations to the Act have been fully reviewed, with new case law and updated commentary. The text of the Act has been updated to reflect recent amendments responding to COVID-19 and adapting the employment insurance system to work alongside the Canada emergency response benefit, particularly via the addition of:
    • Part VIII.3 Interim orders
    • Part VIII.4 Employment insurance emergency response benefit, and
    • Part VIII.5 Temporary measures to facilitate access to benefits

Updated Employment Insurance Regulations and annotations

  • The text and annotations have been similarly updated for the Employment Insurance Regulations
  • Addition of the Canada Emergency Response Benefit Act and Canada Recovery Benefits Act These two new statutes were enacted in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. In addition to the statutes, this edition includes the regulations under the Canada Emergency Response Benefit Act and commentary discussing the new Canada Recovery Benefits Act

Updated Department of Employment and Social Development Act annotations

  • The annotations to the Department of Employment and Social Development Act have been updated

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