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For more than 25 years, Ronald Snyders Annotated Canada Labour Code has been the bible among federal labour practitioners. Rons annotations provide essential insights into the Code, and make this book the necessary resource for preparing any case before the Canada Industrial Relations Board. Annotated Canada Labour Code reviews reported case law to assist in the interpretation and application of the legislation delineated under Parts I, II and III of the Canada Labour Code. It also references jurisprudence applicable to the Code's subordinate C.I.R.B. Regulations.

Ron Snyders Annotated Canada Labour Code is a comprehensive and indispensable compendium of Board jurisprudence, both pre and post legislative amendments of 1999. The Annotated Code also includes a review of relevant cases and comments pertaining to Part II of the Code (Occupational Safety and Health) as well the Regulations enacted under each part of the Code. It has become an essential reference tool for all labour relations practitioners who work in the federally-regulated sectors and who wish to obtain insights into the application and interpretation of the Canada Labour Code and the rights and obligations that it confers on the various parties in the workplace. Mr. Snyder is to be commended for contributing such an important work to the library of reference materials on labour law and for his commitment to keeping the tool updated and relevant for practitioners.

Ginette Brazeau, Chairperson of the Canada Industrial Relations Board

What's new: 102 new decisions that have been rendered by the C.I.R.B., the O.S.H. Appeal Board, adjudicators Part I case law includes discussion of the Board's duty to assess and weigh the sufficiency of evidence Part II case lawincludes review of the standard of proof required to establish a section 128 refusal to work a detailed examination of the Supreme Court of Canada's recent Vavilov decision Part III- incorporates the new legislative amendments that came into force effective 1 September 2019 updated legislation current to December 25, 2019


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