The Dictionary of Canadian Law, Fourth Edition HC

Daphne Dukelow

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Now in its fourth edition, The Dictionary of Canadian Law is the comprehensive, time-saving reference created exclusively from Canadian legal sources. Crafted using the same meticulous standards as the world's most trusted dictionaries, this work gives you direct, authoritative access to the law through these features:

  • Approximately 31,000 definitions of legal terms in Canadian law drawn from case law, treatises, learned journals and legislation including federal and provincial statutes
  • Latin terms and maxims
  • Citations of authority for the text, the statutes and general topics
  • Cross-references referring the user to more specific applications
  • Convenient and handsomely bound single volume format
  • Clear layout for ease of use in reference tasks
  • Running heads using bold capital letters for quick reference
  • Abbreviations integrated into the main work in alphabetical order
  • Etymology presented in square brackets, revealing the language of origin of words and phrases
The 4th Edition contains more than 5,450 new and revised entries, including 1,660 new definitions in Aboriginal, Environmental, Family, Insurance, Intellectual Property, Internet/Computer, Medio-legal and dozens of other areas of law. The result is the indispensible Canadian legal dictionary that provides judges, lawyers, law students, professors, researchers and business people with a distinct, one-stop reference to Canadian definitions.


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