The Law of Fraud and Related Offences (Print + ProView online)

Brenda Nightingale

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This work examines the complexities of criminal fraud and a wide range of related offences, including frauds relating to stock market and securities manipulation, fraudulent conveyances, fraudulent concealment, identity theft, online fraud, and bribery, breach of trust and secret commissions. The author skillfully explains and analyzes significant Supreme Court of Canada decisions, such as Olan, Theroux and Zlatic, and builds upon this foundation with a diversity of appellate-level case law from across Canada. This work will assist Crown attorneys, defence counsel and trial judges in understanding the principles of fraud, establishing the actus reus, proving the mens rea, and applying the doctrines relating to mistake, recklessness and wilful blindness to their cases. Additional features include a collection of Sentencing Digests focusing on more than 20 categories of fraud-related offences and calling out the significant factors that underlay the punishments imposed; a Words and Phrases appendix, consisting of a consolidation of judicial interpretations of terminology commonly used in fraud cases; helpful navigational tools for finding answers quickly; and timely releases to ensure optimal currency in light of legislative developments and the latest judicial decisions.

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