The Law of the Written Word A Legal Guide for Writers in Canada

Douglas Mah; Jason Bodnar

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The Law of the Written Word: A Legal Guide for Writers in Canada is the first resource on this particular topic in Canada. The book is intended as a comprehensive guide to the workings of the Canadian legal system, including the courts, criminal law, the law of copyrights, defamation, freedom of speech and the basic workings of the Charter of Rights, and basic principles of contract law from the perspective of professional writers carrying on their work as a business, and as a reference for professional writing students. The first part contains a basic introduction and review of the features of the legal system, courts, civil and criminal procedure and the basic of legal research. The second part focuses on professional writing as a business and covers the legal status of the writer, the concept of freelancing, and basics of copyright law. The third section reviews the basic limits on expression and discusses freedom of speech under the Charter as well as the law of defamation, hate speech laws, confidentiality of information and privacy, publication bans, obscenity laws, and child pornography as these concepts apply to and touch upon the work of writers. A concluding chapter covers the professional responsibilities of writers in society. The book includes a set of sample exam questions that cover the various concepts discussed in the book, providing an invaluable study aid for professional writing students studying the basic concepts of the legal system and law.


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