The Legal Implications of Internet Marketing Exploiting the Digital Marketplace Within the Boundaries of the Law

Sarit Mizrahi

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Marketers use various tactics in order to more successfully reach consumers through online search engines – a practice known as Search Engine Marketing – some of which are considered to be dishonest and could present issues from both competition law and trademark law perspectives. This treatise essentially describes these tools and the manners in which they are used, and then addresses the legal issues that may arise as a result of their use. It outlines the legal boundaries within which marketers must use these tools, so as to ultimately demonstrate that the laws that come into play may, in fact, prove beneficial to marketers from an economic perspective.


Part I – Marketing Techniques: Exploiting The Niches

Chapter 1 – Tracking Users

  • Section 1 – Tracking in the Virtual World: Online Behavioural Advertising
  • Section 2 – Tracking in the Physical World: Mobile Advertising

Chapter 2 – Reaching Users

  • Section 1 – Conversing With Users: Social Media Marketing
  • Section 2 – Being Accessible to Users: Search Engine Marketing

Part II – The Legal Implications Of Digital Marketing Techniques

Chapter 1 – Privacy Issues in Internet Marketing

  • Section 1 – The Protection of Personal Information in Canadian and Quebec Law and Its Application to the Practice of Targeted Marketing
  • Section 2 – The Protection Against Intrusion on Privacy and Personal Property and Its Application to the Practice of Targeted Marketing

Chapter 2 – Unfair Business Practices in Internet Marketing

  • Section 1 – The Implications of Search Engine Marketing and Social Media Marketing From a Competition Law and Trademark Law Perspective
  • Section 2 – The Implications of Social Media Marketing From a Consumer Protection Law Perspective

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